Seria Eco Drive Gear to linia felg opracowanych z myślą o zapewnieniu najwyższej ekonomiki i ekologii jazdy. Bazując na wytrzymałości i technologii marki Volk Racing, seria Eco Drive Gear oferuje niezwykle lekkie i wytrzymałe felgi, które pomagają uczynić auto naprawdę oszczędnym.



All of the aluminum wheels listed on this website comply with the Technical Standards for Automotive Light Alloy Disk Wheels (JWL for passenger cars and JWL-T for trucks and buses). Furthermore, having passed the rigorous tests conducted by the Automotive Light Alloy Wheel Testing Council, these wheels also carry the VIA mark. However, unless the company is found to be liable for compensation under the law, Rays accepts no responsibility and offers no warranty in the event of accidents or deformed or cracked wheels caused by any of the following circumstances: driving the car in places where motor vehicles don't usually go; driving the car on a racing circuit; using the car to race in a rally or for similar purposes that will exceed the limits on its use; by modifying the car illegally; and by failing to perform everyday maintenance checks that would have identified the defect responsible for the issue.