The second model to use hybrid machining

The 57BNA has a 2×7 type mesh design that employs hybrid machining, which connects the diamond cut with machining adopted for the 57ANA. Hybrid machining is used to repeatedly adjust the shape and angle in accordance with the 57BNA in order to achieve the optimal shape. The mesh design achieves a well-matched balance with various types of vehicles, ranging from compact to middle-class cars. The center part has been made into a circular shape so as to offer a four-hole model lineup, which could not have been achieved with the 57ANA design. We also offer FACE-2, which further accentuates the hybrid machining, with 19-inch specs.

Gram Lights AZURE 57BNA

  • Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 1
  • Color:Super Dark Gunmetal/Diamond Cut/Machining(HF)
         Shining Silver/Diamond Cut/Machining(SA)
  • Included:Center Cap(HFcolor:Blue/Black Chrome type、
          SA color:Blue/Chrome type)、
          HB1 Air Valve(HF color:Black、SA color:Gunmetal)
  • Blue/Black Chrome Center Cap (Include HF color)
  • Blue/Chrome Center Cap (Include SA color)
  • HB1 Air Valve Black (Include HF color)
  • HB1 Air Valve Gunmetal (Include SA color)

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