For an SUV involving a sports spirit

“SUV” stands for “Sport Utility Vehicle.” True to this name, SUVs have a sporty style that suggests various kinds of activities. In particular, SUV models recently rolled out include coupe-type vehicles with a sleek roofline as well as cars focused on making driving pleasurable through enhanced running performance. We designed the Rp5 series by paying close attention to SUVs’ sporty style and body shapes. Albeit slim, the spokes recall the smooth, tight muscles of athletes while projecting a sense of strength and power. The twin spokes designed to be asymmetric and slightly slanted from the center hub exude a sense of dynamism even when not in motion. Coming in a sporty shape for SUVs, the Rp5 series marks the arrival of a footwear product for active drivers.


  • Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 1
  • Color:Diamond Cut Side Dark shining silver (FAZ),
          Briliant Noir (DR)
  • Included:HFULLCROSS Center Cap
          Inside Aluminum Air Valve (FAZ color)
          Inside Air Valve L40 (RAYS mark)(DR color)
          Long Adapter
  • Optional:EU parts set
  • ※Please refer to the option parts tab below.

  • HFULLCROSS Center Cap
  • Inside Aluminum Air Valve (FAZ color)
  • Inside Air Valve L40 (RAYS Mark) (DR color)
  • Long Adapter

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