The third real is the real concave

This new trend from BLACK FLEET continues on from V625C/V827C with the over rim disk design of the real concave, V205C. The bold and hard-line feel of the disk design is expressed by the combination of the massive 5 spoke design with a matte color finish. The spoke side machining creates the spokes visually thinner to express lightweight, and also emphasize the concave line of spokes to express the wheel to appear deeper than actual. In addition, the spoke that reaches the upper part of the rim also accentuate the disk design to be deeper, more impressive, and more dimensional. The designing is not the effort of only V205C. As same with V625C and V827C, wheel sizes were selected to fit the newest vehicles on the market, and to achieve the maximum depth. As a result, the deep concave design (FACE-2) is achieved to fit within the normal fender. No matter how great a concave design is, if it cannot be fitted, it is just a dream. The BLACK FLEET V205C is the third reality with the concave design that matches perfectly to the car.


  • Method:Cast 2pc. Wheel (Reverse Rim)
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 1
  • Color:Matte Black/Side Machining (KM)
          Matte Diamond Cut/Side Variable Silver (VF)
  • Included:Center Cap,
          Inside Air Valve (Type-L/90゜) L65 (BF ornament)
  • Center Cap (Black) (Include KM color)
  • Inside Air Valve (Type-L/90゜) L65 (BF ornament)

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V205C infomation


Face Design


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