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Forge FMINDK28 - Zestaw dolotowy do Hyundai I30N / Veloster N

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Forge FMINDK28 - Zestaw dolotowy do Hyundai I30N / Veloster N

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brutto: 1 646,00 zł

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Zestaw dolotowy do Hyundai I30N / Veloster N
Pasuje do:
Hyundai i30N 2018-
Hyundai Veloster N 2019- T-6DI
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brutto: 1 646,00 zł
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Forge Motorsport are excited to release our industry leading intake for the Hyundai i30N. This aftermarket cold air intake system improves your i30N’s airflow in several key ways. It routes the air more directly into your engine, using a huge 102 mm diameter CNC mandrel bent alloy pipe. The aftermarket system also improves the airflow by adding a high-flow, high efficiency air filter in place of the more restrictive factory air filter. Finally, the cold air intake system is set up to allow cooler air to easily flow into your engine

The intake diameters on these air intakes have been carefully tuned to provide exactly the correct quantity of air ensuring solid consistent power gains throughout the rev range without any loss of low-end torque. The pipework is specifically designed to feed the turbo without interruption. The upshot to all of this is a gain of induction acoustics under acceleration, which improves the driving experience and adds a bit more drama to the Hyundai’s 2.0 four pot engine.

As always filtration is important when developing an intake, so we once again turned to the industry leaders and Forge long term filtration partners Pipercross.

With over 25 years’ experience in both the domestic and motorsport market they recommended a multi-layer foam construction filter, these filters work perfectly in our ‘Hi-Flow’ range. The large filter provided flows 60% more air than the stock filter.

The intake is finished off with our unique black thermal powder coating. This kit comes with Forge’s usual detailed fitting guide to help make installation as easy as possible.

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Kod produktu FMINDK28
Producent Forge Motorsport

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